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Engineering Consulting Services

Our general engineering consulting services include engineering project planning and feasibility studies, construction monitoring and contract documentation and reports.

Engineering Project Planning and Feasibility Studies

We perform a wide range of investigation, evaluation and planning services on existing buildings and new structures which cover a diverse range of issues. Our planning and feasibility studies ensure that we set high standards for quality, value and cost-efficiency. We set ourselves apart through our innovation and the implementation of flexible and cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Construction Management Services

We offer a professional construction management services that make use of specialised project management techniques to oversee the planning, design and construction of each of our projects from start to end. This ensures control over each of our project’s time, cost and quality.

Contract Documentation and Reports

We ensure that we include all the relevant documents needed to form the contract. The documents that make up the contract documentation include:

  • Conditions of the contract between both parties.
  • Working drawings which include the architectural and structural plans of the project.
  • Bills of quantities to prepare one for the price for carrying out the project.
  • Specifications are used to set out the technical requirements of the work by describing the project and requirements for materials and workmanship, therefore, helping to add clarity to the drawings.
  • Additional documents include technical and pricing schedules.

Effective Engineering Reports

We also provide detailed engineering reports which describe the research conducted on the problem or issue, followed by a discussion on possible research methods and a description of the data collected and research findings. We then explain the implications of the findings and provide possible solutions. We ensure that our reports inform readers of research results in a precise and specific manner.

Engineering Consulting Services

Engineering Consulting Services

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